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25/06/2019 PhD candidature Confirmed! Congratulations Ethan.
21/03/2019 Congratulations to Mike and Ben for securing scholarships for their Honours project.
20/03/2019 Congratulations to Jake, PhD student in the group, for the successful Confirmation of his candidature.
14/03/2019 Dimitri has co-authored an article for The Conversation on the call for a moratorium on germline gene editing in humans.
09/02/2019 New paper out in Nucleic Acids Research, "Haplotype-resolved and integrated genome analysis of the cancer cell line HepG2".
09/02/2019 New paper out in Genome Research, "Comprehensive, integrated, and phased whole-genome analysis of the primary ENCODE cell line K562".
07/12/2018 New paper out in Nature Communications, "Neural network analysis of sleep stages enables efficient diagnosis of narcolepsy".
01/12/2018 Congratulations to James on the successful completion of his Honours project.
27/11/2018 Dimitri has co-authored an article for The Conversation on the "CRISPR babies" story".
28/08/2018 New paper: Y Niwa et al. (2018). "Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors Chrm1 and Chrm3 are essential for REM sleep", Cell Reports 24:2231-2247.
14/08/2018 New paper: D Perrin, G Zuccon (2018). "Recursive module extraction using Louvain and PageRank", F1000Research 7:1286.
04/07/2018 Submission accepted to Sleep Down Under 2018. Come see us this October to learn more about sleep monitoring using consumer wearables.
09/04/2018 Paper accepted to EMBC 2018, evaluating the performance of image registration tools on high-resolution whole-brain images obtained from tissue clearing.
08/03/2018 New paper: S Roomkham, D Lovell, J Cheung, D Perrin (2018). "Promises and challenges in the use of consumer-grade devices for sleep monitoring", IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering 11:53-67.
16/02/2018 New preprint: S Choobdar et al. (2018). "Open community challenge reveals molecular network modules with key roles in diseases", bioRxiv 265553.
14/02/2018 James has completed his VRES project, and is presenting the results of his work in the EECS session (9-11am, GP-B121).
11/01/2018 New paper: LS Lo, J Galloway, B Ploderer, D Perrin (2017). "Armbeta: towards accessible wearable technology to quantify upper limb movement and activities", Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (OzCHI), pp. 356-360.
06/12/2017 Congratulations to Ethan and Jacob (new group member), who have both been successful in the annual scholarship round and will start their PhD in early 2018.
03/12/2017 New preprint: B Zhou et al. (2017). "Comprehensive, Integrated, and Phased Whole-Genome Analysis of the Primary ENCODE Cell Line K562", bioRxiv 192344.
01/12/2017 Congratulations to Ethan, who was working on machine learning for mammography data for his Honours project, and is graduating this month. Good luck on your PhD scholarship application!
24/11/2017 New paper: T Chappell, S Geva, JM Hogan, F Huygens, W Kelly, D Perrin (2017). "Signature-based clustering for analysis of the wound microbiome", Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), pp. 339-346.
01/12/2017 Congratulations to Congratulations to Chris, Honours student in the group, who is graduating this month after completing his work on CRISPR.
10/11/2017 Large grant for the group: Dimitri is part of a team awarded a $3.2m ARC LIEF on "automated high resolution and high contrast cryo-TEM for three-dimensional structural biology".
05/10/2017 New preprint: JB Stephansen et al. (2017). "The use of neural networks in the analysis of sleep stages and the diagnosis of narcolepsy", arXiv:1710.02094.
20/06/2017 Congratulations to Abdullah, PhD student in the group, who just passed his Confirmation seminar.
29/03/2017 Congratulations to Sirin, PhD student in the group, who just passed her Confirmation seminar.
21/02/2017 Dimitri will be representing CORE at Science Meets Parliament next month.
01/01/2017 Welcome to the Biomedical Data Science (BMDS) lab.